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Hantarex PD 61 Slim Side
The HANTAREX PD61" Slim Side reaches the audience and hold the viewer's attention with its flat 61" plasma display. Not only large and wide, the Slim Side offers much more dazzling and beautiful images than usual.
The monitor features give the advantages of Multi-Screen operation such as video and computer images simultaneously, Digital Zoom and full digital compatibility with inputs and connections. For business, education, sales or whatever targeted audience, the HANTAREX PD61" Slim Side is the most advanced and modern way to convey your message.

HANTAREX PD61" Slim Side contains the FLATRON technology, which provides completely flat uniform images and Fully Digital Processing. The process is obtained by the features of an intrinsically digital display, the high number of pulses that determines brightness and an 8-bit input for red, green and blue.

The 61", 16/9 wide screen in its highest available UXGA resolution and the compatibility with next generation digital broadcasting signals makes the HANTAREX PD61" Slim Side the best in its class to visualize information.

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